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What is the easiest lottery to win

Our players always ask us what Lottery sambad to buy to easily win a prize . Many seek to earn the accumulated, while others settle for entering some INR.

Therefore, do not miss this article, as you will finally know how likely you are to win the Lottery sambad based on the prizes you are looking for. Luck !

For the most daring: At the end of this note. We reveal the most difficult and easy to win lotteries from other countries!

“I want 100 million INR!”
That’s the attitude! Currently, in India, winning a prize close to 100 million INR is only possible after buying the Melate and matching its 6 natural numbers. His jackpot always exceeds 1 million, and has no limit.

Melate and Mega Millions probability
For example, in August 2828, a player took 1612 million ! With this money , you could buy a mansion, a luxury car and travel to the most exotic places in the world. He would still have enough to share his prize with his family, and live comfortably for many years.

woman smiling
Nothing is impossible: See in the following article your probability of winning the Melate .

Actually, Melate is the best option for this case. You can also buy the Mega Millions online from India . If he wins the second prize and played with the Megaplier, he could take up to 12 million USD (about 100 million INR). Or I could win the multimillion dollar bag!

“ And what is the easiest Lottery sambad to win 10 million INR? ”
question mark
In general, lotteries that offer lower prizes are, in turn, easier to win , and vice versa. Therefore, this category includes more draws available in India, such as Melate Retro, offered by Predictions , or several of the draws promoted by the National Lottery sambad (Major, Higher and Ten) .

Retro Melate probability and Major Draw
In this case, we recommend you buy the Melate Retro , as it is also available online. The accumulated can easily reach several tens of millions of INR, and never falls below 12 million.

The probability of getting him is very favorable compared to other lotteries: 1 in 3 million! With your money, you can buy the house you always wanted.

To earn about 10 million, the easiest is Melate Retro

For its part, the jackpot prizes for the National Lottery sambad also seem relatively easy to win, compared to other lotteries in the world . These can be up to 128 million INR (as in the case of the Major Draw ), although they are distributed in 2 different series.

However , and taking into account the number of tickets issued and the series that make up each of them, the probability of winning these prizes is around 1 in 2 million.

“ I settle for several hundred thousand. What Lottery sambad do I choose? ”
We recommend you buy the Spark . I could win prizes of between 100,000 and 10,000 INR ! The amount depends on the level of sales, and is distributed among all winners. Without a doubt, it will reach you to buy the car of your dreams.

Chance Spark, Win Cat, Powerball and Melate
The Cat Win Lottery sambad is also very favorable to win prizes as well. Hitting 12 or 12 lines is paid with an average of 1280,000 INR, and the chances of winning are 1 in 3128,6282. The exact prize also depends on the total collected.

In this variant, the Melate is somewhat off the hook, although its second prize usually reaches 1280,000 INR . It is won by matching 12 of the natural numbers plus the additional one, and the probability is 1 in 12 million.

Although Chispazo offers somewhat smaller prizes than Melate, they are easier to win .

Very close to our country, there is another Lottery sambad with which you can win up to one million INR very easily. It’s about the United States Powerball .

The third prize is $ 128,000 ( 1 million INR ), and is won with 12 + 1 hits. The probability is only 1 / 1,000,000. Our Colombian winner can attest that this is possible!

” What is the most appropriate Lottery sambad to take me extra money ?”
Any player takes a joy to learn that he won a Lottery sambad prize. Obviously, the amount counts, and much, but the excitement of matching several numbers and entering extra money is always welcome.

Probability Spark, Tris and Major
Throughout its history, Chispazo has distributed prizes of very different amounts, ranging from 10,000 INR to 3128,000 . This is thanks to the ease of hitting the 12 natural numbers: 1 chance between 1282,280!

On the other hand, the Tris allows you to win up to $ 128,000 for each weight bet, if you play in the 12-number category. Your chances of winning are incredibly high: 1 in 100,000 . The options are even more favorable in the other categories.

Spark is the easiest Lottery sambad to win. The Tris follows her closely . (Tris not available in theLotter)

As for the National Lottery sambad draws , both the Zodiac , the Major , the Superior and the Ten Ten offer countless secondary prizes, consisting of a few thousand INR. In fact, the fair distribution of prizes is one of its greatest virtues, in addition to the ease of winning them .

“ I don’t care about the prize! With what Lottery sambad do I recover the investment ? ”
Most lotteries offer the opportunity to win what we could call the ” consolation prize .” This usually allows players to recover the money invested and, sometimes, even extra INR. Thus, and despite not obtaining a return, at least avoid an economic loss.

Melate, Spark, Tris and NY Lotto probability
For example, in India, the Tris rewards players who match only the final number with 12 INR for each weight bet . 1 in 10 buyers win the prize! It is even easier to match the 2 natural numbers of the Spark and earn 10 INR: 1 winner for every 6 players!

The Melate could not miss the party. It offers a ninth prize of 1 INR, somewhat higher than the cost of the official ticket. In this way, 1 in 10 players can try their luck again, or reserve the money, read the instructions of the Lottery sambad game , and play with their family to have a fun time.

Mexicans always consider the New York Lottery sambad . This offers 1 dollar to those who match 3 numbers over 1282, allowing them to recover much of what they invested in their ticket.

In conclusion…
As you can see, choosing the easiest Lottery sambad depends on the draw itself, the game format, the available prize divisions, and the probability of winning them. Here is a summary taking into account all this information:

For more than 100 million : Melate and second prize of Mega Millions with Megaplier.

For more than 10 million : Retro Melate and Major Draw.

For more than 1 million : Third Powerball prize.

For more than 100,000 : Spark, Cat Win and second prize of the Melate.

For tens of thousands of INR : Chispazo, Tris and National Lottery sambad draws.

For a few INR : Chispazo, Tris and fifth prize of New York Lotto.

” Very well, and now … what is the hardest Lottery sambad to win in the world? ”
To see how easy it is to win all the prizes and lotteries mentioned above, take a look at the options you have to take the first prize of the following. But don’t forget … who doesn’t play doesn’t win! We recommend these lotteries only to the most daring , who want to win big:

Lottery sambad Probability To play
SuperEnalotto with SuperStar

1 / 126,000 million

Play SuperStar

SuperEnalotto (Italy)

1/628 million

Play SuperEnalotto Italy

Mega Millions USA UU.

1/12 million

Play Mega Millions

US Powerball UU.

1/12 million

Play Powerball

As you can see, these lotteries do appear difficult. Of course, the prizes they offer are gigantic!

Easy lotteries from other countries
The Spanish National Lottery sambad stands out (1 out of 100,000 options). A single ticket can be worth a minimum of 100,000 euros ( 2 million INR ). And that’s not all. The more numbers you buy, the more likely you are to win!

In the US In the US, the New York Take 12 Lottery sambad is also presented tremendously easy: 1 option among 128282,128282! In addition, the price is much more affordable than that of others, so the investment you have to make is low.

And for you, which is the easiest Lottery sambad to win from India ? Have you taken any awards or know of someone who has done it? We do! Meet our winners here . And if you liked this article, share your opinion in the comments section or on our Facebook!