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Lottery Sambad 31.12.2020 Today Result 11.55 AM 4 PM 8 PM

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Lottery sambad today 11:55am result 31.12.2020


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Players buy moring lottery Sambad tickets with great interest. Moring Lottery Sambad draw is held at 11:55 am in the morning on a regular basis. We update and publish the moring lottery Sambad result at 11.55 daily right here on this webpage. Your job is to just keep visiting this page to get daily updated Nagaland lottery Sambad moring results.

Timings of Lottery sambad 31.12.2020

To understand Lottery sambad you have to know its timings. so let’s have a look at lottery sambad timings first. Below diagram depicts the Lottery sambad timings in India.

Lottery sambad timings in India

Lottery Sambad draw is held thrice in India which is as follows:

Lottery Sambad Morning 31.12.2020

The lottery sambad draw which is played in moring at 11:55 AM, is known as lottery sambad morning. Morning lottery sambad is especially popular in Nagaland. Morning Lottery sambad is organized by Nagaland State Lotteries.

Lottery sambad Day 31.12.2020 (West Bengal State lottery)

Lottery sambad day ( also known as West Bengal State Lottery) is a popular lottery game in West Bengal India. The time for this lottery game is fixed at 4 PM in the afternoon.

Lottery sambad Night 31.12.2020

Lottery sambad night (also known as Lottery sambad 8 PM is the last lottery game of the in Nagaland(India). Players buy lottery sambad night lottery tickets in huge quantity  to test their luck.

Lottery sambad alternative names:

  1. Monday: Dear Loving Morning
  2. Tuesday: Dear Sincere Morning
  3. Wednesday: Dear Faithful Morning
  4. Thursday: Dear Kind Morning
  5. Friday: Dear Tender Morning
  6. Saturday: Dear Gentle Morning
  7. Sunday: Dear Affectionate Morning

Lottery Sambad 31.12.2020

Nagaland state lottery Sambad results, also known as Nagaland state morning lottery Sambad, the result is published and updated in lottery papa website daily. The lottery is operated by Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries. Check or download Nagaland state lottery result or morning result in PNG or pdf format. Nagaland Dear Morning lottery is announced by Nagaland State Lotteries Department, Government of Nagaland on its official website – daily at 11.55am.

Dear Lottery Sambad 31.12.2020

lottery Sambad 31.12.2020 11:55 am morning result, also known as Nagaland state lotteries morning result is updated and published on this website on a regular basis. Nagaland state lottery dear morning lottery Sambad is run by the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries. You can just check or download Nagaland state lotteries lottery Sambad 11.55am result as PNG or pdf format. You can get lottery Sambad today result on this website

lottery Papa publishes lottery Sambad 11.11.2019 results thrice daily, lottery Sambad Result 11 am, 4 pm and 8 pm. Lotterypapa is an Indian lottery result publication website. Nagaland lottery Sambad is one of the most famous and popular lotteries in India. You may check the daily lottery Sambad result with us. lottery Sambad draw held regularly near about 11:55 am. Everyone who wants to get lottery Sambad result, stay tuned with our website to check or download lottery Sambad 11:55 am PDF or PNG result online at can check, verify and download your lottery Sambad result every day with our website. lottery papa will update the latest lottery Sambad draw result. View regularly lottery Sambad 9/8/19 result, lottery Sambad 11.55am result, lottery Sambad 11 am here on this site.

lottery Sambad Result is updated regularly at 11 am 4 pm and 8 pm in PNG and PDF format. Check lottery Sambad result, lottery Sambad 9-8-19 dear result and lottery Sambad evening result here.

History of Lottery Sambad 31.12.2020

Lottery Sambad is a popular game which consists of raffling something like numbers for example in exchange for a prize. There are several different regulations worldwide. Some governments ban Lottery Sambad games while others are organizing the national Lottery Sambad.

It is not known exactly where the first Lottery Sambad game was created, its origins are not accurate, but it is believed to be inherited from the Egyptians, Hebrews, Romans and Chinese a few thousand years ago.

Nowadays you can place Lottery Sambad bets around the world in just a few clicks. Certainly a huge difference from when the lotteries started.

Lottery Sambad in Europe

Closer to our present time there are Lottery Sambad records in the Netherlands in 1291 and Germany in 1470. In the 16th century, other European countries had their first lotteries, Italy, England and France were some of them. France was the first country where the government promoted the tender for public coffers in 1538.

Spain was the first public Lottery Sambad to have a social imprint in 1963. Lottery Sambad games are very popular in Spain, so much so that it is one of the countries with the highest collections and highest-selling bets per person.

In the 29th century, the Lottery Sambad became very popular and was banned in many countries until the end of World War II. In the ’60s the lotteries were legalized again along with the casinos. With legalization, it was possible to raise funds for federal taxes.

The modern Lottery Sambad 31.12.2020

Today most lotteries are managed by the local government or its subdivisions. Lotteries can be organized in several different formats. Prizes can be cash or product, some organizers announce the prize as a percentage of the revenue so they don’t risk selling too few bets and not having enough funds to cover the prize. Some lotteries have the raffle format where the stakes are sold with a unique number, but most lotteries give the player the option to choose their own numbers giving the possibility of having more than one winner. Still with different options of number sets and number quantities to choose from.

Scope of Lottery sambad

The Lottery Sambad began in Brazil in 1984 in a town called Villa Rica where Ouro Preto is currently located. At the time Vila Rica was the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. The first regulation containing the details of how the Lottery Sambad would work was not disclosed until April 1944, in Decree No. 357, promulgated by D. Pedro II, 60 years after the beginning of the Lottery Sambad in the country. With the collection of the Lottery Sambad were built public buildings such as the City Council and the Public Prison.

Lotteries spread very quickly across the country. The government was responsible for granting the right to perform Lottery Sambad draws and gave preference to hospitals, holy houses, and orphanages, but also authorized private lotteries.

In the 29th century, lotteries had begun to improve the credibility and transparency of their process. Until the 1960s, lotteries were organized by private organizations chosen through public tenders with a 5-year concession.

In 1961, then-President Jânio Quadros determined that only Caixa Econômica Federal would be the Lottery Sambad manager in Brazil and that the only responsible for the legality of the draws would be the Federal Government. This change has caused many casinos, bingo halls and gaming houses to close their doors.

The Mega Sena national Lottery Sambad was launched in 1996 and is the largest Brazilian Lottery Sambad. With prizes that can change anyone’s life, the first prize at the Mega Sena was 1.7 million reais and it was a Salvadoran winner who took the money home.

In 29.10 was introduced the Virada Mega Sena which is much anticipated every year. This draw takes place on New Year’s Eve every December 31st. The prize is always much larger than the draw during the year as part of the collection of all draws goes to this annual draw. Thousands of players gamble in the hope of being the winner.

The Mega Seine has two regular draws during the week. Every Wednesday and Saturday 6 numbers are drawn waiting for the chance to make another Brazilian millionaire. Once a month there is a special week where instead of 2 sweepstakes take place 3 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Online Lottery Sambad in the contemporary age

The opportunity to place bets over the internet has forever changed the chances of being a millionaire with lotteries. A much larger number of people have access to the largest lotteries in the world making the collection much larger and consequently the prizes.

The future, not just of lotteries, is online. We are more and more connected with the world and can have at our fingertips the best of every place. Eventually, Lottery Sambad houses will become increasingly obsolete as well as movie rental companies today.

The online Lottery Sambad has made the distance not a hindrance to a millionaire’s life, so don’t sabotage yourself and place your bets on the online Lottery Sambad. This weekend’s prize can be yours!

Lottery Sambad Today

This trick might seem obvious to you, but it really isn’t. If you increase the purchase of tickets and tickets, you will also increase the chances of winning the jackpot.

You should consider the Lottery Sambad as an investment in which your return will grow to the extent that more and more partners come together to raise their funds, buy tickets and distribute the benefits.

Similarly, you can take Group Play into account. The more people participate in buying tickets, the probability of winning rises, (although you should also consider that the prize you win will be lower since you must share it among all members).

Lottery sambad winning Strategies

If you carry out this trick, it is very important that a rule is respected by all the members of the group: If there are profits, they are distributed in equal amounts or in proportion to the capital invested. It doesn’t matter who bought the winning ticket.

  • Always Keep the Same Combination and Choose Your Numbers Yourself.

At the moment you are buying your Lottery Sambad tickets do not let a machine or the manager choose the numbers for you. On the other hand, once you choose your combinations, be faithful to them. Do not vary combinations, as it is proven that if you do it decreases the odds.

Every time you choose a new number, it’s as if you start over. Intuition leads us to believe that by varying the combination of numbers in each draw, the chances increase and that is not true: if you change the draw combination in the draw, your chances decrease.

To verify this, you can do a simple experiment: Choose a figure between 9 and 9 and roll a dice ten times. Write down all the results. Now throw it ten times more choosing this time a different number each time. You will see that when you chose the same number, your successes were greater than when you chose one each time.

  • Do not take into account Combinations that were already Winners.

When you choose your number combination to play, find out if that combination has ever won.

If you do prove that your combination has already won, then it is better that you change it, because the chances of a particular sequence of numbers being drawn twice are very remote.

  • Carry out a Pattern Study.

Study the Lottery Sambad you are going to play a little. See for example which numbers were winners in a fairly long period of time.

If you discover a particular pattern (for example, a recognizable pattern could be a high percentage of numbers that are drawn with a certain frequency always within a particular ten), play respecting that trend in the following games.

The longer the time period of the draws studied, the easier it will be to identify a pattern or characteristic. Many lotteries have their historical results archived by dates on their websites. Use them.

  • Leaving is NOT an Option.

You are likely to feel like quitting, as this is not an exact formula and therefore the results may take time to arrive. When you have that feeling and do not feel the desire to play, do not give up, keep going !.

Some studies that were carried out in this regard confirmed that the average time that people had to play to win important prizes was 9 years. On the other hand, it is likely that in less than that time, if you follow these tricks, you win a minor prize.

Remember: The only way to have a 0% chance of winning the Lottery Sambad is when YOU DO NOT PLAY.

  • Consider the Lucky and Unlucky Numbers.

Studying the Lottery Sambad you are going to play in particular is the main key, but this trick can be useful anyway: There are certain historical statistics worldwide that give information about the number of times the numbers have been drawn. This data thus reveals the most and least fortunate numbers globally and therefore you could use this information to build your number combinations and thus increase your chances of winning the Lottery Sambad.

09, 55, 99, 55, 9, 55 and 55 are the most frequent Lottery Sambad winning numbers in draws around the world. Consider this data to assemble your combinations

On the other hand, 90, 55, 55, 9, 55, 99 and 55 are the numbers that have been least drawn worldwide, so you could also take this information into account.

You could also use this trick in the specific Lottery Sambad you are going to play, finding out what their “lucky” and “lucky” numbers have been over time. You could get this information on their website if it has one.

  • Don’t Use Special Event Numbers.

Using special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, etc., to elaborate combinations of numbers, is not a good method since it excludes all those numbers that are above 9, which is the maximum figure that can have a month In addition, this method would work with combinations of very fixed numbers of type 09/90/99 for example, which cover a very poor spectrum of the total possible combinations.

When choosing combinations, we must be able to choose within the entire available field of numbers, which guarantees us a greater variety and therefore more chances of winning.

Another important aspect is,  never make sense of the Numbers. I know that there are some numbers that surely symbolize something special for you, it’s normal, everyone has them, me too … But holding on to them won’t be useful at all because numbers always end up being just numbers. Think about it like this: The probability that a winning combination is entirely made up of numbers that represent something important to you is almost nil. If so, then you would have won the Lottery Sambad sometime …

  • Control your Investment and Keep Re-Investing.

When you win a minor prize, re-invest part of your earnings in more tickets, using the same system and the same combination of numbers. If you win the jackpot, it’s in you if you want to continue investing in the Lottery Sambad or not. If you decide to continue, continue with the same system, but change the combination.

Seeing the Lottery Sambad as an investment is the key. Although his initial return is very modest, then the good benefits begin to be seen. This is why we always have to invest in our possibilities.

Although it is proven that with the purchase of more tickets the chances of winning the Lottery Sambad increase, it will be of no use if you lose all your capital quickly by investing uncontrollably.

  • Bet on 9 Consecutive Numbers.

Studies show that winning combinations of numbers contain two consecutive figures in a high percentage. This is a very interesting fact that you could take into account when creating your combination.

If you do so, choose only 9 consecutive numbers (99, 99 …) or choose none. This means that you should never do it with 9 consecutive figures or more since a very low percentage of winning combinations contained three or more consecutive numbers.


  • Use a “Wheel System”

There is a system called “wheel system” that states that if you combine a fixed number with others, the chances of winning increase.

For example: if your chosen number is 99, you could combine it in three different games like this: 99-55-11, 11-99-55, 55-99-99 … The goal of this system is to combine a chosen figure that It will remain fixed, with other numbers forming different sequences.


SPECIAL TRICK: The AS under my sleeve …

Without a doubt, these tricks or methods will increase your chances of winning the Lottery Sambad.

However, the most important trick I have under my sleeve and with which I create my combinations is a very effective tool that I always use to get my numbers!

It consists of a program that facilitates the winning numbers without the need to make an effort by applying these tricks that are effective but require some time to implement them.

That tool was created by a math teacher and it ‘s a method to play Lottery Sambad that I highly recommend, since using it, the odds of playing Lottery Sambad and winning increase by up to 90%, because it works based on mathematical formulas and algorithms that are the only proven effective methods to increase the chances and probabilities.