A mistake and changed luck, something like this became a millionaire

In America, someone changed his life from the lottery and made someone poor. The trend of lottery in America is common. There are lottery tickets in every small shop and petrol pump. Due to a mistake, the glamor of the woman changed and she became a millionaire. Oksana Jaharov, who went to shopping in Manhattan, New Jersey, bought a $ 1 lottery ticket in the supermarket. But the store clerk accidentally gave him a $ 10 lottery ticket for ‘Set for Life’. After getting the wrong ticket, they decided to pay for it in any way. 

Oksana Jaharov told the New York lottery- “I felt very bad when the clerk gave me wrong ticket. I decided that the remaining amount should be paid and bought. “

Jharov did not scratch the ticket. He bought this ticket book for bookmarking. But then they decided to scratch the ticket. As soon as he scratched, the lottery costing $ 5 million (Rs 31 crore 66 lakh) was found. He was surprised to see who he was. 

anything till now, I was feeling that these tickets are fake. But as soon as I took it to the office, I realized that it is real and that I have become a $ 5 million owner. “

Jaharov wants to celebrate holidays in the Bahamas with the family of Jackpot. They also say that they will eliminate the education of children from this money. 

He will get $ 260,000 (Rs. 1 crore 64 lakh) every year for 19 years. It will get $ 60,000 (Rs 38 lakh) as an additional payment.