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Deceased grandmother helps destiny a hand

Last January, Marieke (26) from Sint Kruis received the surprise of her life. The Postcode Street price fell to her address. Special detail: the young Zeeland woman won with the fate that she took over from her deceased grandmother. Marieke: “Grandma was everything to me. I think she helped fate a lot. ”  And …

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A judge prohibits State Lotteries from selling tenths online

This has been decided by the Commercial Court number 6 of Madrid in response to a complaint about the Clean Game Platform, comprising 200 lottery sambad administrations. This entity considered that the public company was incurring “unfair competition.” The judge has partially estimated that accusation and has condemned the State Lotteries to …

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When sometimes (few) betting is good and also supportive

When talking about bets and lotteries sambad, it is often associated with the dark side: frauds and compromises to alter results, betting houses growing out of control, younger and younger gamblers, very lax laws against the advertising of these activities … But between so much mud, there is a raffle, on …

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