Christmas Lottery: Esperanza Gracia knows (more or less) where ‘El Gordo’ will play in 2019

The main star of the Christmas Lottery, El Gordo , is on sale since Wednesday, when the summer campaign has started to encourage the purchase of tenths in the summer period: “What if El Gordo falls here ?”. On this occasion, the announcement resorts to humor, with the art of the “best fortune tellers”, to try to predict where the coveted prize will fall this year.

The president of Lotteries and State Betting, Jesús Huerta, has kicked off the sale of tenths. This edition of the draw will again distribute a total of 2,380 million euros. The first prize of the Christmas Draw of 2018 , 03347, was one of the most distributed in recent years. He thanked all the Spanish provinces, except Álava, Castellón, Guadalajara and Palencia, and in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Bilbao and Gernika, both in Biscay, and Cuenca were the most graceful areas.

The summer campaign has as protagonists the astrologer Esperanza Gracia, the futurologist Miguel Pacheco, the mentalist Pablo Raijenstein and the tarotist Úrsula Dulcinea, who through the tarot, the pendulum and the horoscope seek to decipher where that desired prize winner will fall, which is the “jewel” of the Spanish Society of State Lotteries and Betting (Selae), as its president has said.

But among the fortune tellers there is no unanimity. Because, as a phrase in the advertising campaign reminds us through the ads that will be broadcast on television, “even the fortune tellers who know the most do not know it.” “Nobody knows where it will fall,” he says in the campaign, but “what if he falls into your vacation spot?” He asks.