Deceased grandmother helps destiny a hand

Last January, Marieke (26) from Sint Kruis received the surprise of her life. The Postcode Street price fell to her address. Special detail: the young Zeeland woman won with the fate that she took over from her deceased grandmother. Marieke: “Grandma was everything to me. I think she helped fate a lot. ” 

And grandma could have a very good reason for that. Marieke was just pregnant with her first child when ambassador Gaston Starreveld stood at her doorstep with the 25,000 euros in Lottery Sambad. Marieke: “I get emotional again when I consider that we have won this wonderful prize on Grandma’s fate. Thanks to this prize from the Postcode Loterij, my friend and I are completely ready for the arrival of our baby. We have bought a nice family car, the baby room has been furnished and the terrace has been addressed. ” 

Together with grandma in a house 

“I did have more than one tear when Gaston came to bring the news,” Marieke continues, opening the gold envelope in the presence of her mother and aunt. “A stroke prevented grandma from talking for the last four years of her life. She moved to a small part of the house that had been adapted for her. My boyfriend and I then started renovating the rest of the house so that we could live with her. Fortunately, grandma has seen a large part of it. Unfortunately, she died just before the renovation was finished. “

I get emotional again when I consider that we have won this wonderful prize on Grandma’s fate.

Baby on the way 

Now that Marieke is about to bring new life to the world, the loss of her beloved grandmother is extra tangible. Marieke: “I find the delivery exciting. But I am most upset that Grandma will not see the baby. Fortunately, she is never very far away in this house. I hope never to leave here. Just like her destiny: that will stay for life. ”