Draw for Father’s Day Eleven 2019: check the winning numbers

The first prize  of the ONCE Extra Father’s Day raffle has been for number 22617, series 28. In total, the foundation has distributed more than 1000 prizes for graceful coupons on Tuesday, among a first prize of 17,000,000 euros , 99 prizes of 40,000 euros and 900 that are awarded 1,500 euros.

The winning combination of the extra draw for Father’s Day  consists of five figures to the main number plus the series, which receives 17,000,000 euros for the winning number. With the five prize figures the amount to be received is 40,000 euros, with four of them 1,500 euros for the prize coupon, with the last three figures of the prize number the reward is 100 euros and with the last two the 10.

The refund, the last number awarded, is five euros to the coupon.

The ONCE Father’s Day Sweepstakes is extraordinary, apart from the tenths of the ONCE that are delivered periodically such as the daily coupon, the Friday Cuponazo and the weekend salary.

In the Father’s Day Draw of  the year 2018, the number awarded with the first prize that distributed the 17 million euros was 06353 with the 057 series.


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  • 1 prize of 17,000,000 euros at five figures and the series
  • 99 prizes of 40,000 euros at five figures
  • 900 prizes of 1,500 euros to the last four figures
  • 9,000 prizes of 100 euros to the last three figures
  • 90,000 prizes of 10 euros to the last two figures
  • 900,000 prizes of 5 euros to the last figure