If luck is such! The woman who had gone to buy cabbage from home, made a millionaire in just minutes

A woman came out to take cabbage from her house. Did he know that from the same shop, he would win 2 million 25 thousand dollars, that is, 15 million rupees. Yes, a woman named Vanessa Ward of Maryland, USA, reached a food store near her house.They thought of buying a lottery scratch ticket, buying and buying cabbage there. 

When they got home after purchasing tickets and cabbage, they scratched that ticket and found that they had won the top price of this game. When he came to know about the amount of money, there was no place of happiness. Because he had given this ticket a sum of Rs 1.58 crore. 

Now Vanessa says that he would like to put this money in his retirement rather than roaming or spending.

At the same time, this year, when businessman Praveen Thomas bought a lottery ticket in Dubai, perhaps he would not even know that his fate is going to turn and money is going to rain. Because Prabin Thomas had won $ 1 million (about 6,64,20,000) through the Duty Free Draw at Dubai International Airport.