It is called luck! Dubai earns $ 100 million lottery in Dubai;

If you do not believe in becoming a millionaire-millionaires from the lottery, then this news will convince you. An Indian paid a bounty of $ 1 million in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Draw on Tuesday and he joined the list of Indians who have become Lakhpati through the lottery. So far 124 Indians have won 10-10 million dollars in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millennial. This lottery started in 1999. 

Dubai’s Khaleej Times has reported that ticket number 2190 of Bangalore’s Tom Durkhal Mani in Bangalore, in the series 263, when he got into the lottery in the Concorde D in Dubai International Airport, he joined the long list of Dubai Duty Free Dollar Lakhpati. Mani, 38, employs an executive card company in an international card company and he was buying this ticket last year.

Mani said on this victory, “I do not have words and I still do not believe that I won a million dollars. Thanks to Dubai Duty Free for this biggest news in my life. ‘