Judicial entanglement to find the owner of 4.7 million in Lottery sambad

The search since 2012 of the winner of a Primitiva in A Coruña now extends suspicions about the lottery Sambad

In A Coruña, the winner of a Primitive prize of 4.7 million euros has been sought for seven years. In 2012, the owner of a central lottery Sambad administration in the city said that he had accidentally found the ticket with the winning combination on the counter when he was closing the establishment. After more than 200 people unsuccessfully claimed the prize, the judicial investigation that opened to find the lucky one has just turned around.

One of the lawsuits filed by those who claimed to own the ticket, guarded during this time in a State lottery Sambad safe, gave rise to a police test that has just disassembled the version of the lottery Sambad, Manuel Reija, so far one of the firm Candidates to keep the prize. Investigators suspect that Reija would have concealed the prize they consider the true acertante , an already deceased man who was the first to claim the ticket as his own.

Although the lottery Sambad continues to defend that he found the ticket on the counter and then verified that he was awarded, the latest police report contradicts his version. With the data provided by State Lotteries, the Police have discovered that Reija put the ballot in the terminal that detects if the combination is winning at the time at which the first man who claimed the prize said he had been in his administration. This message jumped on the machine: “Deliver to the customer. The receipt is the winner of the raffle on June 30, 2012. Bring receipt to the delegation. ”

Agents say the lottery Sambad did not follow the instructions and concealed the prize from the winner. The police test is late since it could have solved the enigma at the dawn of the case. Reija denies these accusations and has asked to testify in court because he says he has “a clear conscience.” The judicial entanglement has called into question the actions of the State Lotteries and State Betting Societyfor the lack of control over the winning ticket. Irregularities have also been noted in the copy of the original that he sent to a court in A Coruña.

The ticket has been analyzed again and again by specialists in search of clues. With a chemical reagent, the scientific police have searched for vestiges that will help discover their true owner. Up to 11 fingerprints were found without conclusive results. DNA tests of the deceased claimant have also been requested.

According to the police reconstruction, on June 30, 2012, the 44th administration of A Coruña received the notice that a millionaire Primitiva ticket and four more bills belonging to the same man had been automatically sealed. Three days later, the first bettor who claimed the prize went to check his combinations to another administration, Reija but left without knowing that one of them had a millionaire prize. He only received three euros for one of the bets.

Three trials have been held in the case and it has not been possible to determine who owns the ticket. Four other cases are pending, while the interest generated has raised the amount of the prize by 6.5 million. Until now it was the lottery Sambad for discarding that would be done with the money, but if the judge admits the police version and concludes that it did not act in good faith, the boat could end up in another draw.

The outcome of the case is still open and with many questions. It is not known, for example, why the matter was kept secret almost a year and a half without anyone looking for the right one through the recordings of the shopping center chamber where the Primitiva was sealed or the sequence of data provided by Lotteries of the State that has now disassembled the lottery Sambad version.