The first draw of the lottery sambad Grossa de Sant Joan is deserted

The lottery sambad promoted by the Generalitat, reappeared yesterday, with the debut of La Grossa de Sant Joan. As in 2014, the jackpot – which fell to number 13,156 of the 18 series – was deserted because the ticket had not been sold. The owner of the tobacconist Margarit de Molins de Rei (Baix Llobregat) where the lucky number was distributed explained to TV3 that, although he waited until the last minute, he returned the tickets due to the lack of buyers.

Loteries de Catalunya had put on sale for the first edition of this extraordinary draw 2.8 million tickets until 11.00 yesterday. The second prize, 30,000 euros per ticket, was given to the same number 13,156 but outside the series. In Margarit, explained its owner, 30 bills of the lucky number were received (a total of 35 are printed). 13 were sold and another 17 were returned, among which was the winner of the jackpot.

The Generalitat, which therefore keeps the three million prize, did not want to provide sales figures as it has done on other occasions. Those who bought a number just above or below the winner (13157 or 13155) earned 3,000 euros. The draw was not televised on TV3.

The extraordinary prizes of 10,000 euros went to 35511, sold in Banyoles (Pla de l’Estany), 06966 in Terrassa, 28799 in Barcelona, ​​18268 in Parets del Vallès and 04465 in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Bages).

Those tickets that end with the last four figures of the jackpot (3156) will receive 500 euros. Those who only have the last three equal figures will have a prize of 150. Those of the last two, of 20 euros and the buyers of numbers finished in 6 are returned the price of the ticket: 6 euros.

La Grossa’s debut, in 2014, had exactly the same problem: the jackpot stayed at home. The then director of taxes of the Generalitar, the exporter of the Government Elsa Artadi, announced a modification in the distribution of the tickets. Despite the disappointment, the Generalitat has continued betting on the draw and has even increased the number of extraordinary creating the Grossa de Sant Jordi in 2017 and the Sant Joan. The lottery sambad was launched at a time when the Government had economic problems and the income derived from sales finances social programs. Entities have criticized that way of obtaining resources.