The transgender who won four and a half million euros to the lottery and died 18 months later

Melissa Ede rose to fame in December 2017, when fortune knocked on her door and turned her life around by putting four million pounds (4.6 million euros) in her pocket. Her personal circumstances immediately catapulted her to the forefront of today: a taxi driver on the north coast of England changes sex and then receives an unexpected fortune unexpectedly. All the ingredients for a prime time brochure But with a sad ending.

Melissa Ede died last day 11 suddenly due to causes that have not yet been determined, according to her partner Rachel Nason, 37. A few days before his death he felt unwell as he hurriedly cut the grass. She was admitted to the hospital with strong chest pressure and respiratory problems. However, the doctors had concluded that it was not a heart attack and found that their vital organs did not present any problem.

From left to right and from top to bottom, the house that Melisa Ede could not buy, the British after her aesthetic operations, with her BMW car and in a capture of one of her recordings.

The millionaire, 58 years old and native of the city of Hull (284,000 inhabitants), had to intuit that her days could come to an end, since from the health center she sent some messages of thanks and affection. “I told Rachel: ‘I love you very much. Always remember that,’ he said in a recording from the hospital bed.” These things make you realize how precious life is. “And as a premonition he said:” You can be here one minute and disappear the next. ”

The popularity of Melissa Ede had been overwhelming in the last year and a half, since a scratch card of 10 pounds (11.5 euros) bought at a gas station at Christmas 2017 when she was on her way to work changed her life. In one of his first public appearances after collecting the prize, in January 2018, he already gave clues as to what would be one of his priorities. The new millionaire threw herself into the arms of the scalpel and the operating room and her face had begun an obvious mutation. It was just the beginning: stuffing on the cheeks and lips, removing dark circles, retouching eyebrows,stretching and skin removal, Botox … Then it was the turn of one of the most desired changes by the British: dentures, in which he invested more than 45,000 euros. In total, he disbursed more than 60,000 euros in cosmetic touch-ups. The process had two other phases that were truncated with his death: a nose operation and a surgical treatment of “facial feminization.”

That physical transformation was accompanied by a growing presence in social networks, where Ede moved with enormous ease. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … any platform was good to show the world daring staging: half-naked appearances, dressed in tiny and eye-catching garments, objects that adhered to her body and hung from her breasts … She liked to show herself and did it without a rest.

In June of last year he revealed that he was about to participate in a BBC program about people who had become millionaires thanks to the lottery sambad around the world. And he never stopped feeding the curiosity or the morbidity of the British media: one day he said he had taken a hypnosis course, another one presented his last aesthetic touch-up, the next he was temporarily expelled from Facebook …

The life of doors outside hid a family drama, that of his four children of 20, 30, 31 and 40, who never accepted the change of sex of his father in 2011. He even threatened to leave them not a cent, although he later repented. “I know we should all love our children unconditionally, but they took me out of their lives,” he said in an interview on the Good Morning Britain program.

His frustrated family life was not the only obstacle he had to overcome. Once the magnificent fortune was collected, Melissa Ede looked for a house according to her new economic situation. And in just four days he found “the house of his dreams.” The joy for the purchase, which was almost closed, was short-lived because the residents of the exclusive urbanization vetoed the sale, claiming that the new and media owner could blow her tranquility and intimacy. She always suspected that it was a matter of transphobia.

The brand new millionaire had offered 440,000 pounds (half a million euros) for the house and planned to move immediately with her partner and five children. He accused the inhabitants of the luxurious Cottingham, in East Yorkshire, of violating his “human rights.” So that the bad drink was not repeated, the British made a secret offer for another mansion, which she could acquire, and had planned to invest in a second home in Spain.

The entire financial life of the well-known transgender was measured and well measured. Melissa Ede looked after the last pound. He continued shopping at charity stores, where he was looking for the best prices, and invested two-thirds of the prize in the stock market. With these actions, she tried to double her fortune in a year, while reinvesting profits in a retail store, whose products she promoted herself in her videos.

The most bulky expense he made until June 2018, that is, six months after collecting the prize, was a BMW 4 series convertible of about 36,000 euros. The British, in her line to flee from waste, opted for a vehicle that was not the last model was much cheaper. As he confessed it was the first time in his life that he bought a new car.

Her love for the pound even led her to go to top audience programs to get tattoos: “Why pay if they do it on TV for free,” he said. So puny and saving, Melissa Ede, who confessed that she had become hungry before a ticket changed her life and had little more than one euro in her bank account when luck went to visit her, put a monthly salary of 7,500 euros not to squander fortune madly.

What I never stop doing is playing the lottery sambad. In a statement in the newspaper The Mirror said: “We all get tired of planning vacations and buying houses. You have to have a little emotion. ”