This Indian made a lottery in Dubai, became a shock millionaire

When you sing that song, you must have heard that ‘Whenever the giver gives it, gives the roof’. When a businessman from India bought a lottery ticket in Dubai, he probably would not even know that his fate is going to turn and money is going to rain. Indian businessman Prabin Thomas has surprised everyone by winning $ 1 million (about 6,64,20,000 rupees) through the Duty Free Draw at Dubai International Airport. 

Prabin Thomas, a resident of Kerala, has a networking business. In Dubai, he bought lottery tickets. Whose number were 0471 and the ticket proved to be Lucky for him? He has won 1 million dollars. Prabin Thomas said that in India I had bought lottery tickets many times, but never got success before that. This is my first win in the lottery. In Dubai, I decided to try my luck and bought a lottery ticket online. I am not confident that my lottery has started and I have won.

 Prabeen Thomas said that with lottery money, he will increase his networking business. A small software company is also thinking of opening It is worth mentioning that in addition to Prabeen Thomas in this lottery, another Indian has won and the bike has its name.