When sometimes (few) betting is good and also supportive

When talking about bets and lotteries sambad, it is often associated with the dark side: frauds and compromises to alter results, betting houses growing out of control, younger and younger gamblers, very lax laws against the advertising of these activities …

But between so much mud, there is a raffle, on June 8, that reconciles us with this world of tiny probabilities and illusions. This is the annual Red Cross draw . Although the spirit of the raffle is still there – 84 million euros will be distributed among the winners – it is also a way of financing this institution so present and necessary in disasters of all kinds.

For this year, and with the help of the advertising agency Grow , the organization has prepared a wonderful advertisement based on the song of Los Chunguitos If they give me a choice. Performed by the singer Israel Fernández, exceptionally married with the images of her volunteers helping the most disadvantaged. Also, try to recreate, getting it, world-famous canvases.

It is worth seeing this little treasure of 45 seconds.